Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Muhyiddin isn't exactly poker player material is he?

As number two you can't really say you don't know since you are powerful enough to summon those that do know and have them explain it to you.

The so called best among them had his bluff called. Not a very good poker player I must say and if that's the best then brace yourselves for much worse. Meanwhile there is no way in hell sixty odd divisions are even going to nominate a challenger, that's if lousy poker player wants to buy in and play another round. He may just cut his loses and call it a day. Then what? Old man? He is the very reason presidents can't be removed for he initiated the sixty nomination ruling.

Should have resigned before being axed in the reshuffle. Would've proven a point that he stood for something. But too little too late now. What a bad poker player whose bluff was called out. If he knew his game he would've gone all in with nothing to lose instead of losing with the hope of winning.

If he or the others didn't have dirt of their own they would've probably resigned way earlier to prove a point and make a stand but he/they didn't. We all know they can afford to resign if they had to but they didn't. The whole entire crew, for or against super moron, is filthy. And the ones on the other side are just as worst. That's the reality of things. Deal with it.

Actually, najib's former deputy turned nemesis can cause more damage on the outside where he can team up openly with opposing sides if he wants to now. If PM was cerdik he would have appointed his blue eyed boy ex-pak syeikh pungkoq protegé as DPM II and cold storage the DPM. Why is he afraid of someone who would never have the courage nor the nominations to dethrone him?

End of the day the most important position of all was not affected by the reshuffle. BIG kahuna retains her position as head honcho and continues to wear the pants. And it's a huge pair of pants

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why we need the neutral ground

One of the banes of having race tied to religion is the fact that anything and everything about the race becomes Islamic all of a sudden.

While our constitution says Malay = Islam and Islam = Malay it inadvertedly has caused many things Malay (not necessarily Islamic) to be associated with being Muslim.

Perhaps the failure of the BM medium schools at fostering unity today can be attributed to that fact? Given that Malay = Islam and Islam = Malay constitutionally, it makes the Malay lingo the Islamic lingo in this country and with that the opportunity for the school ostards and ostazahs to exert pressure on the school administration by flexing their administrative muscles so to speak.

With the last 31 years seeing the added on arabization into Malay culture kononnya to appear more Islamic, it has now unofficially become Malays = Islam and Islam = arabs. So we shouldnt be surprised to find ridiculous overdoses of arabization in schools simply because the instruction medium is tied to institutionalized religion which in turn is tied to arabization.

Not everyone wants to be arabs and not everyone can afford sending their kids off to private or foreign syllabus schools to avoid arabization. The solution is to bring back the tried, tested and proven English medium schools. If not as an all out mainstream medium then at least as an option for those who want it.

English is the lingo of knowledge. There are more publications in English than in any other lingo. It is useful yet neutral enough to act as a bridging medium for all races while it carries enough value to make it attractive enough for most.

Most importantly, in this day and age English is universal enough not to be tied to any specific race or faith. Please bring back the English medium for all our sakes

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Illegal foreigners wishing to return back to their countries voluntarily, the anomaly

I was told by someone at the immigration department that the ruling now (correct me if Im wrong) pertaining to foreigners with permits who have overstayed or foreigners without permits who have also overstayed their visit passes is to detain then hold them at the PATI detention centers around the country. That includes, apart from random raids and operations, the ones who voluntarily produce themselves at the immigration departments with a valid passport and genuine return one way ticket to their countries.

Now why would we want to detain anyone who wants to leave voluntarily via the proper channels? No doubt they have overstayed but Im sure many have experienced dodgy conmen agencies/agents who have duped not just the foreigners but also their employers of what should be legitimate work permits. Somehow, we hardly ever hear of agents of freelancers who do up permits ever being hauled up and arrested for causing so much trouble for so many people, local or otherwise.

Now back to the detention of those who have voluntarily asked to return at their own expense. Previously, as I was told, the arrangement was to produce themselves, with their valid passports, a genuine return ticket and a payable fine before being issued some equivalent of a check-out memo by the authorities. Their numbers arent small and queues start early at the immigration departments. On our end (if the system works at least) is to finger print them biometrically. Previously, the same illegal could repeat the exercise of working here illegally, return then come back and do the same all over again. But technology has provided a stop to that being biometric finger print scanning. If all ten fingers are scanned they can go back change their names or even get plastic surgery but their finger prints remain the same in our record databases. We must be strict and firm meaning once they have returned from illegally overstaying we should allow them to return to their countries but ban them from ever coming back here again. And with technology at our fingertips we should be able to do just that. What is mind boggling is the need for the immigration department to detain them at holding centers. The cost isnt cheap. We're talking about at least RM15 per person for three meals a day, medical attention, facilities, cleaning, maintenance.

Seeing that they arent refugees, we are not getting any money from the UN, ASEAN of any other organization to house the illegals. The cost is coming from the taxpayers AGAIN of course. Now if we can cut down our costs, allow those who wish to return do so then ban them from ever reentering again why shouldnt we do just that? Why do we need to detain them, feed and house them then send them back at OUR expense? Obviously, as with every stupid decision Malaysian, some idiot must be making money out of it for sure. It be wise to check and see who the food suppliers/caterers, linen suppliers/cleaners, maintenance and cleaning services providers are for those detention centers as it is for sure a lucrative biz judging from the number of illegals Malaysia has. If they want to go then let them go but never allow them back in. Keeping them will only be a financial and resource burden onto this country.

Whoever made the directive to detain those who wished to return and had the means to do so must be getting some really good kickbacks to agree to something that stupid. Corrupt to the core as always!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

You don't need money to have good manners

Class and a decent upbringing/education is what separates us from the animals. These days the rough and uncouth new money types are nothing more than apes with a fat bank account. If we're going to open our doors to foreign outside influence at least be selective. arab, pakistani, african, south american, mainland chinese influences are not exactly desirable traits to have in a country like ours and while money can buy a lot of things it can't buy a good upbringing, pedigree or even decent etiquette.

Flushing a public toilet after using it, chewing with their mouths closed, lining up, parking properly, waiting for people to exit lifts before barging in are qualities everyone regardless of income level should be aware of. Many a times the lower income group conveniently blames their financial standing for their lack of manners. The same crowd that transforms into new money orang kaya barus will later bring their thoughtless attitude into the confines of their new environment. Sure there exists economic disparity but inculcating good manners and etiquette should be something all Malaysians strive for regardless of financial standing. My great grandfather was a farmer but taught his children manners which was passed down in the upbringing of every subsequent generation to come. Nothing to do with being in the have or have not category.The direction this society is heading is one that is shallow and hollow. People are respected for their (new) rags to riches wealth rather than the way one carries oneself regardless of income level. To be honest, even though I come from a very well off lineage, I really am not impressed by new money wannabes who are clueless when it comes to etiquette and decorum. Even if they have the latest half a million ringgit BMW but stop by a road side stall to eat durians while squatting down then leaving the durian skins by the roadside after eating the person is still a thoughtless unhygienic culture less peasant to me.

Since many are clueless the effort should start in school. Teach them to sit down for meals during recess and things like that. Believe me if they did and with our schooling years being 13 from kindy to spm, manners, etiquette and decorum will stick to them and be something they will pass down to their children in the later generation's upbringing. We are so obsessed with material pursuits we have forgotten about common courtesy. That and also the fact that this government from as early as the mahathir days have created so many clueless juara kampong rags to riches orang kaya baru types that they have spoilt society. Can you honestly tell me that tajuddins, halims, mydins, eswarans, vincents and the likes have class? They have money but they still have the class of equivalent to the Beverly hillbillies. I am so glad my clubs (all relics of the colonists) puts a ban on members bringing bodyguards into eateries. Those new money types really have no sense of fine dining whatsoever.

Having good manners doesn't require money. No one has to be rich to learn all that. Its all in upbringing and education. The excuse the ill mannered give that manners are only for the rich is as flawed as their sense of reasoning.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Teh tarik conspiracy theory....


Just finished a good teh tarik session tonight and here's what I heard:

1. At first Dr.M says "there should be contest for top posts" indicating he wants Muhyiddin to challenge najib for the Umno presidency BUT then....

2. Muhyiddin tells Dr.M he is not interested in challenging najib as he had done the 'dirty work' of getting the ball rolling to remove pak lah back in 2008 and does not want to play bad cop again.

3. Also, Muhyiddin openly stated to Dr.M that he has no intention of becoming PM....

4. That then opens a gap for Tengku Razaleigh to at least attempt a challenge for the presidency.

5. Looking at that scenario Dr.M apparently prefers najib at the helm for reasons only he knows and then makes an about u-turn by later saying the top two posts should not be contested.

6. So, by Dr.M's reasoning, it seems he prefers anwar as the next PM instead of Tengku Razaleigh as najib is bound to lead BN to an unceremonious defeat come GE14 if he is still Umno president and pm with the same bunch of lame advisors cum war room (failed) strategists.

Do the math and see if it makes sense....

While some SoPo bloggers are blaming the current predicament on pak lah, I think that ship has sailed. While pak lah was a cause that had some effect, during najib's term as pm najib had ample time to change and improve things but he has instead created a wall of horrible advisors around him keeping himself out of touch with reality. He may actually be a believer of the r.a.h.m.a.n. prophecy at the rate he's going.

The cause is always bigger than the organization and the organization is bigger than personalities. For now, until a credible alternative ever emerges, the cause (that looks like it's off course) is still carried by Umno as the organization. Leaders come and go, so if najib leaves or is booted out I say good riddance but the organization must be slapped silly to bring it back on course to stay true to it's cause. So far, after  two tight slaps in 2008 and 2013, it seems to continue on it's derailed course. Whoever leads after najib must be ready for the organization to receive a concussion to get it to jump back shockingly on course. Alternatively if najib remains leader the entire organization will not only go off course but will derail itself into a bottomless pit. Let the r.a.h.m.a.n. prophecy come true so long as it involves the personality and not the organization. The cause is what needs to be saved and personalities, hopelessly ineffective ones like najib, are dispensable!

From what I've been hearing, Tengku Razaleigh is only interested at being interim pm for say three years or so then pass the mantle over to the next 'credible' fellow other than Muhyiddin, which is not such a bad thing seeing that Muhyiddin's policies on education is a clear testament of him not interested in nation building. How on earth can he scrap PPSMI and by extension killing off giving the Malays a competitive edge? I think Umno needs a clean up right now and the current top echelon of the president, deputy president, vp's and supreme council deadwoods are all incapable of doing so. We have nothing to lose by Tengku Razaleigh taking over as interim president and pm. Nothing can be worse than what it is now!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bahasa Melayu : Kian hari kian pupus!

Ramainya puak-puak "iftar" ni di Facebook. Apakah ungkapan "berbuka puasa" sudah tidak lagi diguna pakai? Itu belum lagi tengok tulisan status update yang berjela-jela panjangnya penuh dengan suntikan perkataan-perkataan Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Arab macamlah Bahasa Melayu tiada perkataan yang sesuai untuk menggambarkan apa yang mereka ceritakan itu. Akhirnya jadi bahasa rojak, Bahasa Inggeris pun tak mahir, Bahasa arab sekadar beberapa ungkapan sahaja dan Bahasa Melayunya tonggang langgang.

Kenapa tidak kita kuburkan saja Bahasa Melayu? Rata-rata terlalu ramai yang suka menidakkan penggunaan perkataan-perkataan yang kerap kali digantikan dengan perkataan-perkataan mahupun ungkapan-ungkapan dari Bahasa Inggeris ataupun Bahasa Arab. Hina atau jijik sangatkah perkataan seperti 'keadaan' atau 'persahabatan' mahupun ungkapan seperti 'berbuka puasa' atau 'bertolak ansur' sehingga ianya digantikan dengan 'situasi', 'ukhwah', 'iftar' dan 'fleksibel'. Lama-lama akan lenyap Bahasa Melayu dan timbullah bahasa rojak zaman baru yang tiada sejarah mahupun budaya Melayu sebagai dasar atau tulang belakang bahasa rojak baru tersebut.

Ya, memang saya banyak bertutur dan menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris tetapi tidak pernah saya campur adukkan kedua-dua Bahasa Inggeris dan Melayu atas rasa hormat kepada kedua-dua Bahasa tersebut. Kalau berbahasa Melayu, berbahasa melayu lah dengan betul dan lengkap. Serupa juga bila berbahasa Inggeris, berbahasa Inggeris lah dengan betul dan lengkap.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Why Bahasa Melayu will never be the unifying language in this country. Perhaps Lee Kuan Yew got it right with English?

As the election season finally ended the politicking hasn't and as usual the question of National (read Malay) stream schools versus the Chinese vernacular schools continue. The supporters of both sides have their arguments and while the point of unity raised by the supporters of Sekolah Kebangsaan do have some merit they fail to see how the lingo of the Malays carries not only nationalistic tones to it but religious ones as well.

 As our laws dictate, a Malay is one who
1. Professes the Islamic faith
2. Speaks Malay fluently
3. Observes Malay customs and tradition

So the issue of lingo being intertwined with faith and the spiritual can never be segregated. And unavoidably, Malays are by default Muslims

Of late, well perhaps since in 1983 onwards to be precise, when a certain Abim fellow decided to join mainstream politics, overdose of Arabization has gone a long way in Malaysia until today. With Malay lingo and the Malays being linked to Islam it has unavoidably made Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia the official Islamic lingo. While that is NOT a problem per se, what is becoming a problem is the overdose of Arabization (supposedly in the name of Islam) happening in government schools. 15 minute doa recitation at assemblies is perhaps just too much for the non-Muslims to bear with and why should they? They enrolled in government schools for the sake of unity, embracing Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia yet what they get as a package deal is an overdose of Arabization (note: Arabization is NOT Islamization).

Then we have the issue of Bibles unallowed to be printed in Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia. Why is that? While I am personally against the use of the term "Allah" to denote any other God other than that of the Islamic God, it should not then be a problem if Bibles or any other scriptures be printed in Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia if they term their God as "Tuhan" instead of "Allah" in their BM printed scriptures.

But because BM is synonymous with Malays who are then in turn synonymous with Islam and Muslims, the bulk of the Malays have suddenly decided that BM is the language of Muslims and everyone else aren't allowed to preach in BM for their respective faiths. Isn't that contradictory to the call for unity under one language?

If BM is to be THE language of ALL Malaysians then the lingo should cover all their activities be it national, personal and even spiritual. If Indonesia is to be the benchmark in achieving national unity via one lingo for all then why put the brakes on faith the minute BM's reach could go beyond just a lingo at school?

I don't even want to go into the issue of deteriorating quality of English speakers, teachers and syllabus overall. Just the issue of unity alone we reach a stumbling block. And as much as people try so hard to make the printing of Bibles in Malay a separate issue from a One School for All initiative, the reality is it IS linked, like it or not, simply because BM carries the weight of the Malays' faith with it.

My suggestion:

Perhaps Lee Kuan Yew got it right in Singapore when he made English the unifying language. It is neutral enough and has value and appeal towards almost all sane and level headed Malaysians. I will be the first to promote a ONE SCHOOL FOR ALL initiative the minute English is made the official language in schools and at work.

An added bonus to it will be a very much toned down dose of Arabization seeing that most of the self-contradicting, confusing and self righteous pak lebais are English impaired. It will take an entire generation for them to be able to bring an overdose of Arabization onto English speaking Malaysians. Hopefully, by then, we shall be prepared for them.