Friday, November 23, 2012

Islamization in Malaysia (Part II): Boycotts and bans, a pak lebai stupidity that backfires

How many of you have contributed your salaries, savings, bonuses,
earnings, profits etc to the construction of Mosques?

If the logic of multinationals contributing to institutions of faith
of which their shareholders subscribe to deems them "an enemy of
Islam" then by the same logic, we Muslims are also enemies of other
faiths no? We contribute to our own faith. Do you think it's
justifiable as a reason for the non-Muslims to stop trading with us?
Stop being our clients and customers? Stop employing us/and us stop
employing them?

I do not doubt for a minute the atrocities happening in the Middle
East are crude and cruel at best but I do not see the logic of linking
everything and anything with the Zionists. Unlike us Muslims who's
hand don't reach that far, the Jews are part and parcel of
international economy. Isolating ourselves will only be our undoing
towards ourselves.

The latest protests at Felda again show how little our Muslim minds
are at understanding trade & commerce on a global scale. The news
report itself stated that the sales of Palm Oil is recorded at
Billions of ringgits. If we do not sell to them who will instead buy
at such volumes? The Muslims? Don't make me laugh. We're too busy
conjuring up conspiracy theories or patting ourselves on the back for
stupid protests and boycotts. Believe me, if the Arabs could cultivate
large scale growth of Palm and harvest it's oil they will be the first
to trade with the so-called Zionist funders. While we may be proud at
making a so-called stand in the name of Islam, our farmers will have
no one to sell their crops to. Who are the majority of Felda Palm Oil
cultivators? Are they not Malay Muslims? So once again we shoot
ourselves in the foot.

It is high time we stop the ridiculous nonsensical behaviour or
listening to pak lebais, especially the political kind, and think for
ourselves. They do not care if you are jobless, they do not care if
you have no one to sell your crops to nor do they care if you become
poor or destitute because of their bans. And when we are poor we are
easily manipulated.

If the conversion case of DUMC last year can be recalled, many Muslims
sought refuge in the form of financial assistance from exploiting
mullahs from other faiths mainly because they were poor and destitute.
So, if "murtad" is really a serious issue with the pak lebais, then
the data from the DUMC incident should be considered before banning
and boycotting this or that taking into account it's implications in
making hard working decent Malay Muslims destitute.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Keep religion,
religionists (arab religionists especially) out of government and
politics. They serve no purpose other than causing chaos and disorder
to the flow of things.

"God does not forbid you to be kind (tabarru: noun,
birr) and equitable (tuqsitu: noun, qist) to those who
had neither fought against your faith nor driven you
out of your homes. In fact God loves the equitable.

While it is the Israeli government who are driving Palestinians and
Gazans from their homes, it is NOT McDonald's, General Electric,
Johnson & Johnson or British-American Tobacco who are doing it. If
anything they have provided you homes with their job opportunities,
interest subsidized/interest free company housing loans. Freeing
Muslims of Riba' is indeed noble. Do we deny that just because they
are American Kafirs and supposedly send money to Israel? We send money
to Mosques do you think we should also be embargoed for funding
activities of our faiths? Remember that Muslims who are not us go
around blowing cars, buildings and people up. Should they too
stereotype us by not trading with them even though it is other Muslims
who are going around blowing people up?

I despise the government of Israel for its policies and actions but
the multinationals operating in Malaysia are not from Israel. If they
were, they won't be interested in operating here anyway. So pak-pak
lebai bodoh semua please grow out of your tempurungs and view things
from an agle other than yours!