Friday, January 18, 2013

The difference between Allah and Tuhan

I'll keep this short.

While the debate still goes on about the usage oof "Allah" as the
substitute word for "God" in Malay language bibles, the arguments seem
to show sudden 'patriotism' from the generally English speaking
Christian crowd in Malaysia.

My beef is as follows:

1. You claim to want to use the word "Allah" as you want to deliver
Christian/Catholic teachings in the National Language

2. You claim that Malays have no right to stop you because Allah is an
Arabic word even though Malay Muslims use it for describing a specific
Higher Being which obviously isn't the same as yours

3. Do you understand the Syahadah in it's full detailed context?


1. If you want to use the word best to describe God in Bahasa Melayu
then it is "Tuhan" not "Allah". Even a Google Translator, or for that
matter any other translation, would describe God as Tuhan. Why play
with fire? Unless you are trying to Proselytize Muslims

2. If the basis of your argument is that Allaj is an Arabic word then
please import and use bibles in Arabic. That would make more sense to
insist on using Allah to describe your God(s) because based on your
logic Allah is the Arabic description for God. So unless you're
singing Gospels or delivering sermons in Arabic "Tuhan" is the best
suitable word for you should you choose to deliver and sing in BM

3. The Syahadah clearly states, as an affirmation of faith for Malay
Muslims and even all Muslims, that:
"Tiada TUHAN melainkan ALLAH (There is no God besides Allah)". From
there you can see that, especially in the Malay Muslim context defines
Tuhan as what anyone would pray to and "Allah" as the God only Muslims
obey and pray to

Conclusion, it is either you people are really extremely damn bebal or
you have an agenda to proselytize the Malays through the art of
confusion. So which is it then?

Ponder on it please