Tuesday, January 1, 2013

When you're not even sure of who you are anymore

Opposition, while in theory provide checks and balances, creates make believe un-winnable scenarios (those familiar with Star Trek can recall the Kobiyashi Moru) for the ruling government when opposing. But when the tables are turned, the opposition turned government will govern as if it is a make believe situation since that is the only "reality" they have come to know for so long

Sugar coated cries for Islamism in governance provokes the swarms of ignorant mobs into thinking they're fighting for a cause when the intentions of the sugar coating speakers are far from what they have spewed out while inciting the herd. In the end, the nation suffers. If not from falling even more backward then it alread is then from coming to a complete stop thanks to the sugar coated speakers and their swarms and herds of livestock brained followers

When dealing in matters which self proclaimed mullahs and clerics claim as being non-negotiable, even the smart become dumb. Faith, our faith, has a tangible guide yet so many refuse to read and understand the guide for what's contained in it. They instead prefer to become arab copycats, reciting rather than reading the Quran and then "outsource" the understanding bit to the mullahs and clerics, often with political inclination, to further misguide them

Leaving Muslims misguided is probably the worse proposition ever. I cannot till this day understand this obsession with Arabization. It leaves huge gaps in understanding what has been written down for us as a guide. Plus, in this day and age, with the scriptures available in multiple languages why do we still need middlemen to tell us what it means? Sure we can refer to the learned when doubt arises but otherwise, we have brains, let's use them! So many good verses in there the average man or woman can understand for themselves in a language that they know

Today some so-called political "Islamists" find themselves at odds with themselves. Contradicting the very essence of who they are and what it is they stand for. They are caught between excessive extrimism and so-called democratic values. In the end, in the quest for more non-Muslims votes they prostitute themselves as champions of freedom and democracy but in a rocket shaped and flavoured package.

Freedom and democracy should come with responsibilities. Freedom of expression should not mean freedom to express one's hate openly towards others nor should democracy mean you have the right to change the government by force. Things work in a system. That's what separates us from the animals

Given the way things have unfolded, the last five years especially, perhaps it is time faith be kept out of politics (to protect it from being tarnished) and politics be kept out of faith (to keep faith from being abused). The worse that can happen is clerics and mullahs making up laws of their own to consolidate their positions. As it is, many political debates with respect to faith have seen massive twisting and turning of God's words. Do we really want to go down that path? Imagine the Three Muskateers film and that horrid Cardinal chracter being in charge. Is that what we want here?